AMA Info/Links

AMA or the Academy of model aeronautics is the sanctioning body of our club.

This is a nation wide association that provides us with valuable resources and insurance so that we may better enjoy our hobby.

Check them out with this link

We also have a District VII website

Check out a great model airplane manufacturer

Some info on Saito 4 stroke engines /good engine tune info

Really cool video of a working model B-29 and X-1 rocket launch B-29.wmv

Jet-A anyone? 3-D Yak powered by a turboprop,Simply awesome! qqturbine.wmv

Cutting edge Electric powered flight. New & Powerful technology Electric flight


You want to try out this R/C Airplane hobby , Here are some helpful links to answer some common questions.

From Sig manufacturing 1st click the link below 2nd click on news and information 3rd click on questions when getting started in radio control.

Getting started with R/C airplanes.

Flight training 101

What are you waiting for? You built the plane right? You tell yourself , “Someday I’ll get it up in the air ” Well , the time is now , set up your flight training with a qualified instructor .. Not tomorrow , TODAY!! And get ready to join in on the fun and have blast!! …

I can already see you greasing those solo landings……..

Check here for some interesting articles on various r/c modeling topics.
Just click on the link below to view the article.

R/C Repair 101

Tips/Tricks 12-06

Tips/Tricks 01-07

Do you have an itch to scratch?

R/C flight trimming


Scout Pack 172
On Jan 30th 2007 We Built AMA dart Airplanes and provided an indoor flight demo.Check out the pic’s.